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Empowerment in Dismal Times: Resources for Armenian Language Learners

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Arevmdahayeren Hekyatner (Western Armenian Folktales/ Արեւմտահայերէն հեքիաթներ) Illustrated Book of Fables (For ages 4 and up) Written and illustrated by Chakè Mangassarian-Grogan To order: Contact Us – Կապ | Radio Ayk

This compilation of carefully-selected fairy tales has been retold and illustrated by Chakè Mangassarian-Grogan, a language professional and graduate of Yerevan State University’s Romano & Germanic Language Division of Philology. The 18 tales featured in this volume are either from the canon of Armenian literature first presented by Avedik Issahakian or sourced from Armenian folklore by Hovhannes Toumanian and Suren Kocharian. Mangassarian-Grogan also retells tales sourced from the Brothers Grimm, Oscar Wilde and others.

Each story immerses the reader into a different world of fantasy, be the circumstances supernatural or mundane and contain a moral lesson. Mangassarian-Grogan, who is also the founder and host of, showcases the beauty of Western Armenian storytelling, uses many terms that are uniquely Western Armenian and employs many infrequently used, pleasingly descriptive vocabulary words. Some words are defined in the books’ glossary while others may require the use of a dictionary, depending on the language proficiency of the reader. These tales offer audiences many opportunities to think about the nuances and complexities of the stories when discussed with peers and adults. Recommended reading level: Age 4 and up with adult participation.

Note to readers: If you have produced an Armenian language media resource you would like to have considered for review in a future installment of Resources for Armenian Language Learners, you may message the author on Facebook about sending an evaluation copy. Lucine Kasbarian is an Armenian-American journalist, cartoonist and award-winning children’s book author. She can be reached at .


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